5/8 cast moments: Backstage Banter with Derek and Steve [x]

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Into The Woods first look

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getting to know meme ★— ten tv shows [2/10]
     ↳ bunheads (2012-2013)

you wanna be a bunhead, huh?

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Imagine waking up to your icon sitting on top of you leaning in close to your face with their current expression

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4/8 cast moments: the circle

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A few months ago, I asked Will Swenson (her fiancé) where Audra keeps her Tonys and he told me he could tell me where three of them are. I wanted to know why he couldn’t tell me where the fourth one was and he said it’s because Audra can’t remember what she did with it. That’s right, she has so many Tony Awards, she’s actually misplaced one.


imagine your icon has suddenly, inexplicably, become your legal guardian

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Anonymous said: What are your thoughts on They Don't Let You In The Opera (If You're A Country Star)? Hahaha


It is completely brilliant - I think it is an absolute gift to this world. Kelli getting to show two completely different sides of herself (and her talent) in one extremely demanding showpiece that travels from the quirks of country to the splendour of opera. I know the subject matter is funny (another thing Kelli gets to showcase when she sings it which I think people tend to discredit her for - she is one hilarious lady), but it’s just such a wonderful homage to all that she is and her magnificence, really.

Into the Woods (2014)

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100 musicals I ♥ {in no particular order} 002. Anything Goes

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Behind the curtain: Little Dancer photo shoot with Tiler Peck (x)



First look at INTO THE WOODS on Entertainment Tonight

oh my god. I got actual chills just from that little tiny big of footage.

this movie is gonna be GOOD.

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heathers + musical numbers

I float in a boat in a raging black ocean
Low in the water and nowhere to go
The tiniest lifeboat with people I know
Cold, clammy, and crowded; the people smell desperate
We’ll sink any minute so someone must go

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So you could go crazy, or I could go crazy, it’s true.
Sometimes life is insane, but crazy I know I can do.
'Cause crazy is perfect and fucked-up is perfect.
Perfect for you.

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