Help, I’ve fallen in love with Bridges and I can’t get up.

more like Help, my whole life is consumed by Bridges and I can’t breathe 

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101 people who are really, really ridiculously good looking (in order) → 62 | gavin creel

Betsy Wolfe sings “I’ve Found a New Baby” from Bullets Over Broadway at Broadway in Bryant Park, 7/24/2013
Betsy Wolfe sings “I’ve Found a New Baby” from Bullets Over Broadway at Broadway in Bryant Park, 7/24/2013

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4/100 pictures of Sutton Foster

4/100 pictures of Sutton Foster

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do you want to know whats sad? from last week to the end of september, SEVEN broadway shows will close

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I think it was really hard for Vicki to take me on as her daughter, and I think I was really nervous for a few weeks. And then what happened was I grew shorter and shorter, and she grew taller and taller. And, literally, that’s how I feel, and I need her so, so much, and she opened her heart and let me in… . I’ll never have another onstage relationship that’s become an offstage relationship like this in my working life. I don’t even want to do [the show] without her — she’s so wonderful and so fair and so open. And, obviously, she’s been unbelievable to me in all the speeches she’s made. But it’s constant, it’s every single day. Not that she’s like my mother at all because she’s so young. It’s more like she’s my older sister. But onstage, everything you see, if you believe it, is because it’s really there.

Kelli O’Hara talking about her relationship with Vicki Clark (x)

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get to know me meme: [7/15] pairings » luke danes & lorelai gilmore

I never really loved anyone… until Luke.

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Sutton Foster’s Transformation Into Shrek’s Princess Fiona [x]

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Into the Woods

Karen is my spirit animal


Karen is my spirit animal

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Elaine Stritch was a real role model. I just finished watching her documentary “Shoot Me”. I watched it two times in a row in fact. She proves you could be sensitive, vulnerable, hard on yourself, and make mistakes… but not feel like shit about it all the time.

She was BOLD, brash, opinionated, brave, resilient, strong, honest, and alive. Something we should all be!

RIP LADY, I hope you’re at an open bar somewhere out in the universe.

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Happy Birthday, Kristin Chenoweth! (July 24, 1968)

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